Our Story

Windy Hill Meadows is owned and operated by Bradley and Kimberly Wolter and their children, Lauren and Blake. We grew up working hands-on in the practices of livestock and grain farming, and we've embraced “food production done right” as our motto for a way of life. As a family, we share a goal of making a positive contribution within the communities in which we operate. Windy Hill Meadows was founded on that ambition.

In 2005 we invested in purebred Angus cows with a vision to utilize science-based breeding and husbandry practices to create elite, profit maximizing breeding animals for a growing base of valued customers. Over the past decade we've partnered with other farms sharing our values to scale our production with the aim to be the premier source of value enhanced genetic stock for other beef producers.

We've expanded the scope of our farm to focus on the production of premium beef in effort to better inform our purebred Angus genetic improvement program. We again developed partnerships with artesian butchers to further process our beef in an effort to make it available directly to consumers across the Midwest US. The rich appearance and unique flavors associated with our beef is our greatest reward.

We have a commitment to support the next generation. We have a long-standing collaboration with Four Corner Farms that enables us to engage with youth and provide project animals and support developing life skills. We routinely engage not only with youth programs, but with other community groups to share the blessings our farm has bestowed. We want to share our passion and understanding of our farm with you.