Breeding Females

Identification Pedigree   Weights Selection Indexes
Name AAA# Sire Date of Birth Birth Wean Off-Test $M $W $B $C
Breeding Age
WHM Megan Wix 3122 20731724 WHM Tribute 2001 2/3/23 72 440   52 75 184 291
WHM Blackcap 3023 20732146 Myers Fair-N-Square M39 12/29/23 60 622   66 62 157 270
WHM Pride 3114 20731721 WHM Equality 2009 1/25/23 70 522   83 65 122 241
SCF Elba 3085 20764278 WHM Tribute 2001 1/22/23 65 512   49 47    
SCF Erica 3086 20764282 WHM Tribute 2001 2/1/23 78 572   47 50    
SCF Princess 3087 20764288 WHM Tribute 2001 1/22/23 68 566   55 50    
SCF Pride 3088 20764292 WHM Tribute 2001 2/6/23 78 590   51 55 180 284

AAA #: American Angus Registration Number (Can be used in conjunction with American Angus Website to view the animal's extended pedigree and EPDs)

$M: Maternal Weaned Calf Value; an index, expressed in dollars per head, predicts profitability differences from conception to weaning with the underlying breeding objective assuming that individuals retain their own replacement females within herd and sell the rest of the cull female and all male progeny as feeder calves.

$W: Calf Weaned Value; an index, expressed in dollars per head, to predict profitability differences in progeny due to genetics from birth to weaning. The underlying objective being producers will retain 20% of the female progeny as replacements and sell the rest of the cull females and their male counterparts as feeder calves.

$B: Beef Value; a terminal index value expressed in dollars per carcass, to predict differences in progeny due to genetics for postweaning and carcass traits. This terminal index assumes commercial producers wean all male and female progeny, retain ownership of these animals through the feedlot phase and market these animals on a carcass grid.

$C: Combined Value, an index, expressed in dollars per head that includes all the traits that make up both Maternal Weaned Calf Value and Beef Value with the objective that producers will replace 20% of their breeding females per year with replacement heifers retained within their own herd.